Archdiocese Grade Level Standards for 7th grade

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The  Missionary Discipleship Institute (MDI) is a year-long 3-part faith and outreach experience which provides a framework for students to encounter the lives of their neighbors on the margins and gain awareness of injustices that they face; reflect on how the Church is responding in love and the disturbance this creates in our own sense of discipleship; and discern, develop, and execute a missionary service response.
This program was developed in partnership with Missions Office and Office for Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of Seattle, the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, and the Poverty Education Center at Seattle University. The Seattle program includes an MDI Institute Capstone Gathering of students.
Read about our pilot year in Maryknoll magazine.  For more information, contact our national Teacher Catechist Outreach Team at

The program includes three basic learning phases, divided into units.   Each unit contains three lessons.
Students research the lives of people living on the margins and  how issues of injustice affect them, locally and globally. As a class, students discern a single topic to address as a comty of missionary disciples.
Students reflect on and assess local and global case studies of various Catholic organizations and communities in loving relationships of missionary discipleship with people living on the margins. They discern and plan their missionary discipleship response.
In this final phase, students carry out their plans for the missionary discipleship response. Students reflect on the experience and share information with others in school and the larger community.
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